What is this about?

I have a lot of ideas. I see a lot of ideas. Until now I have not done much with them. So I am beginning to record at least the seeds of these ideas in hopes others find them interesting and maybe even useful in their own lives.

I also have a habit of looking at topics from many different, and often not so common, perspectives. I do this to discover elements I think are most pertinent to me, and hopefully most other people. I also tend expose the inconsistencies and misleading aspects being presented by biased parties. Then I take a position. I am not one to respect all views and definitely share my opinion, no holds barred.

My current example of this is the Cable industry’s deceitful speed campaign. They throw around multiples of speed compared to DSL and portray users of DSL as actually having slow connections in their TV ads. The fact is 6.0Mbps Cable saves you only an extra 6.5% in download time vs. 768Kbps DSL when you compare them both to dial up. By viewing the topic of broadband from the perspective of time saved, instead of the popular straight speed comparison, I discovered Cable is basically a waste of money compared to DSL.

I also have a knack for distilling fairly complex technical topics into language and chunks (tidbits) understandble by most people. This is something I learned while teaching the technical aspects of web development to designers in the UCSB Webmaster Certificate program.

Finally, I use this blog to record the seeds of my ideas. My full articles usually end up on my site, Simpletidbits.com. In the future my offerings will expand as I develop Trainingsnippets.com and Digitaldof.com.

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your visit.


Published on July 7, 2006 at 6:57 pm  Leave a Comment  

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