IPTV, it’s dumb

Here’s a brilliant idea for everyone, don’t pay any attention to IPTV. It’s worthless. In fact it’s downright damaging. Cable and Satellite, even with all there shortcomings, do a fine job of delivering video content. All that IPTV will accomplish is the creation of confusion, incompatibility, bandwith clogs and greater expense. We as consumers have the opportunity to stop this nightmare before it begins. Just say no. Don’t trial it, don’t request information about it, don’t buy it. Let Cable and Telcos stick to what they do best. Which brings me to the flip side.

Don’t use Cable for your internet connection. It’s not worth it. See¬† here for details.


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  1. This is actually about the horrible linked analysis of DSL vs. Cable. The article basically shows how graphs can be used to sell anything.

    To show you this, you should add another point to your graphs. Let’s call it “goat”. The goat is almost free (it just eats grass :-)), but takes about a week to wander somewhere with your MB of data. Now your 56Kbps modem looks great. It saves almost 1week of time. Whereas DSL looks terrible, it saves the same week of time and yet costs much more. The problem is that you are looking at offsets that are dwarfed by your initial comparison point. In your case, DSL and cable look the same since your comparison point (56K) is much slower than either.

    The correct way to compare is not to use time saved by absolute time taken. Perhaps cable is not that fast in practice, but your Web page provides no useful info in showing this.

  2. Anonymous Coward (apt name) your thinking is flawed and your post does not merit a response, but I will give one anyway.

    I am well aware of how graphs can be manipulated to make something look different than it really is. However it is your suggestion, not mine, that would perpetrate this abuse. People don’t use goats and that graph would artificially inflate the curve. To address your point directly:

    “The problem is that you are looking at offsets that are dwarfed by your initial comparison point.”

    I am not. My target readership are those who are currently using dial up and are seeking to move to broadband. My initial comparison point is based on real world use. The graph accurately portrays what my readers will experience.

    “The correct way to compare is not to use time saved by absolute time taken.”

    Comparing time save by absolute time taken is the only comparison that makes sense as it is really what the user wants to know. They want to know , “how much time will I actually save using a higher speed internet connection?”

    Personally I did not appreciate the tone of your response. But in the spirit of my post, show civility, I will not pursue a personal counter attack. I will say from a factual standpoint, you are not well informed in your data representation theory. Maybe there is an instructor you can run this by to learn something.

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