Show Civility

, this idea, if implemented by everyone, would change the world. Most of you know what being civil is so I won’t go into positive examples. Instead I will share some things that shouldn’t be done because sometimes I think the people doing these things don’t realize how un-civil they are being.

Don’t tailgate.

Don’t pass a long line of cars on the right and cut in. We all want to go faster, you are not special. Besides, not only are you being un-civil, you are endanger the lives of others.

Don’t pass a long line of cars waiting to turn at a light (this is particularly common on busy off ramps) and cut in at the bottom of the line.

When there are two lanes to turn left, don’t put yourself in the left lane if you know you need to be in the right lane after the turn.

If someone is requesting assistance in a forum for the first time on a subject don’t assume they haven’t tried to find the answer on their own and don’t provide a condescending answer chastising them for finding the other posts you know exist.

Don’t ask for civility then be un-civil, like the (yes he’s the straw that broke the camels back and got me to finally write about this. As a moderator he is a public figure and therefore open to public criticism).

Don’t think technology is infallible and assume users are stupid (this goes out to the IT industry “professionals”).

Don’t assume you know the answer when you haven’t listened to all the details.

Read the entire content of a post or email.

That’s it for now. Please add your own pet un-civilities.

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  1. No, your posts got deleted because you got told to stop by the moderator of the forums. And then a staff member told you as well. You’ve ignored the instructions of those placed in a position to keep control of what is going on. And then, yet again, you’ve made another post after you were isntructed not to.

    How is that being civil?

  2. It is perfectly civil to express an opinion and to assert yourself when someone is mistreating you. Civility has more to do with how something is done than what is done. Each of my responses was respectful and straight forward. Yours on the other hand were misleading, snide, and disrespectful; not to mention unprofessional as I stated before.

    I would still like an apology, not for deleting the posts, but for the manner in which you handled the situation.


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