Furl, an enhanced use

Just a quickie. I’ve created a new category in Furl!, remember. I’ve marked it private, but there is no reason one couldn’t create a public topic as well. When I have an idea I Furl it. It doesn’t matter what site I’m at, it just gets put in the remember category as reminder accessible from anywhere on the internet.



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Just in case

In anticipation (well hopes of anyway) people finding what I have to say interesting, I am adding a convention to my blogs to assist you in finding my posts wherever they might be. I will be closing all posts, on my own entries and in comments, and tagging them where possible with J. Andrew Morrison.

Thanks for looking.


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New Blog, Simpletidbits.com


I have added a to my primary web site. This blog will be where my better researched and more complete and organized postings will be. This blog will continue to be the incubation point for my new and will also contain my more and personally biased posts. There is a link to the site in the Blogroll. The address is http://www.simpletidbits.com/blog. My first endeavor on the new blog is a detailed explanation of and technology starting with terminology and ending with a comparison from the perspective of how it really pertains to your browsing experience. Thanks for checking in and I hope you enjoy the new blog.

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